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FAQ – about coating

Coating - we specialize in aluminum mold which uses less release agent than epoxy mold. 

It reduces coating problems as not enough adhesion, top coat peeling off, color inbalance ...etc. 

At present we use the release agent + special-purpose cleansing agent +PU primer. 

The release agent we used is imported wax base materials. 

The primer uses high content resin and strict processing technique. 

It can pass the stringent national standard on furniture coating GB-T9286-1998. 

We can control the color gloss and the precision.  

Able to provide color test report; Ability to ctrl Delta E<=0.7 也能提供颜色测试报告,能控制Delta E<=0.7 

Use customer specified paints or recommended paint by us.Currently paints brands including PPG,BASF,WEILBURGER,MANKIEWICZ,CLOU,PETER LACK.