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FAQ – aluminum or steel mold ?

Suggest use aluminum molds.

aluminum has various advantages over epoxy molds, namely, size accuracy, surface smooth finish, better heat conductivity and service life.

These result in less defects ad reworks, as well as better quality and cost efficiency

Product finish - aluminum mold can be polished to achieve high smooth surface that epoxy can not compare.

It results in product with smoother surface. It also reduces flowability pressure and air bubble.

The aluminum is much better than epoxy in heat conductivity and enable heat evenly distributed in the mold.

It improves surface glossy and reduce hidden cracks caused by the temperature difference.

The aluminum mold may install air vent and mechanic release. It reduces product damage, defect and reworks.

The aluminum mold‘s service life is longer.

And last but not least leaking is much less through better more stable sealing.