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EVERRED Molded Polymer Technology .

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Low pressure Machine (1 set ) 

High pressure machine (1 set ) ( Gusmer RIM Cell HP100 ) 

High pressure Machine (1 set ) (Gusmer RIM Cell HP200) 

Air Hydraulic control series

Rail production line for continuous moulds 

Heating facilities available (moulding & materials ) 

MAX working pressure 3000 PSI 

Material ratio range 1:5 to 5:1 

Air nucleation facilities – able to HANDLE HIGH 

VISCOSITY / FAST Reactivity Materials

Production line we use is US GUSMER's high pressure machine. 

It is a state of art automated system which control consistent output and thorough mixing. 

It is equipped with continuous feeding system and nitrogen addition system. 

Both enables continuous production, fast production cycle, and consistent quality products. 

Together with sister company Soway Tooling provide total solution. 

Strong R&D from product design, mold making, rapid prototyping, to production. 

Advanced and precise tooling, heating system, air nucleation, high clamp force carrier.